Solutions for electric bike rentals suitable for cities, nature parks, hotels and sports residences. Standard bicycle rentals can work without an external electrical supply of energy and be fully autonomous. You can also add extra spot to the rental system – only to secure bike during the rental.

Bike stands:

  • kiosk is equipped with a payment terminal
  • bike rental is processed via a credit card, without requiring online registration
  • the system reserves the maximum price for bike rental + deposit, billing is processed after 24 hours
  • system accepts prepaid tariffs on city and payment cards
  • automatic bike recognition when is returned
  • online reporting of occupancy, use of stands and unreturned bicycles
  • Online tracking of bike movements and battery statuses
  • web services for integration with third-party applications





  • battery inserted directly into the bicycle’s frame
  • lithium-ion battery
  • 250W engine power
  • maximum speed 25 km/h
  • range is 40-60 km per charge
  • 21 combinations of Shimano gears
  • suspension fork
  • TEKTRO disc brakes
  • LCD display
  • charging 4-5 hours
  • battery life of 600 charging cycles
  • load capacity 120kg