In European Union is sold approximately 20 million of new bicycles what is more than cars. With this fact comes need of owners to park their bicycles by the secure way.


  • 72% of bikes are stolen from public places
  • 0,5% of stolen value is given back to affected persons
  • ¼ of people have experience with bike theft
  • fear of theft is one of the most frequented reason which people state for question why they do not use bicycle for transport in the cities

In 2015 we came with idea to solve this need. We started with developing of new and smart bike stand which is fully autonomous. Our bike stand enables secure of bicycle with use of digital identification – contactless card, e.g. city card, transport card and mobile phone with our application.

Basic features of our bike stand:

  • equipped with armour chain and it is not possible to cut it with lever pliers, so security is very strong
  • stand if fully autonomous
  • has its own solar charging
  • is connected to the internet
  • it contains NFC reader which supports all usual contactless cards